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COVID-19 Testing Options

Drive-through Coronavirus Testing

Rapid Antigen Test- nasal swab

  • 15 minute turn around time

  • The test detects viral protein in an actively infected person. FDA EUA clearance. 

  • Negative = no infection

  • Negative tests should be treated as presumptive.

  • Even after a negative antigen test, the test result should be confirmed with PCR testing.

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Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing – Nasal Swab or Saliva (spit) Test

  • RT-PCR testing is used to diagnose active infection via nasal swab or saliva

  •  Turn around time will be 24-48-hours from lab sample receipt.

  • Ideal for travel clearance and Pre-Surgery clearance

  • Letter of results, which test used, reference number and clinic information can be provided.

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Blood Sample

Covid-19 Antibodies Test

  • IgM and IgG antibodies

  • Depending on when someone was infected and the timing of the test, the test may not find antibodies in someone with a current COVID-19 infection.

  • Requires a blood draw. 24-48 hours turnaround time.

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Covid-19 Screening

Events or Corporate Covid Testing

  • COVID-19 testing at your place of employment or pre/post event.

  • 15 minute turn around time.

  • Minimum of 20+ tests required for a one-time visit. 

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Weekly Testing 

  • RT-PCR or Rapid antigen testing is used to diagnose active infection of Covid- 19.

  • PCR tests are available with a 24-48-hour turnaround time from lab sample receipt.

  • Rapid antigen have a 15 minute turn around time.

  • Letter of results, which test used, reference number, and clinic information can be provided.

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Why is there a fee for testing?

Group Covid Testing Inquiries

  • Free COVID-19 testing is only available at government-sponsored testing centers. You can search for one of those locations at

  • Snap Medical Wellness is not a public entity and our tests get processed at national commercial labs that charge us for this service.

  • Our COVID-19 testing fee covers evaluation and screening costs, test collection, required supplies, staff coverage, and reference lab testing fees.

  • Please note we do not accept major medical insurance for COVID testing and we do not file insurance claims on your behalf.

  • Payment for this service is paid directly to Snap Medical Wellness.

  • It is your responsibility to address the cost of the COVID testing with your insurance company.

  • We can not guarantee that insurance will reimburse you the full cost of the test.

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